Surround yourself with people who will encourage you in life.


I’m talking to all of my brave folks out there. This one thing is something so important that you cannot do without: your square squad, or as I call it, my circle of trust. These are a core group of folks who have your back. These are not your “yes” people. These are the individuals in your life who love you, care about you, and want to see you succeed.

These are the people who celebrate with you, and they also sit next to you when you’ve fallen flat. These are the people who will pick you up, who will dust you off, and who’ll send you back out there. They’ll be on the sidelines of that arena, and they’ll be wishing you well.

“Touch base periodically with your circle so they can walk alongside you. ”

These are not the naysayers or the haters out there. These are the people who are going to ride or die with you. Get those people. Identify who they are. More importantly, let them know that they’re important. Thank them for holding you accountable to your values and keeping you walking around as your most authentic self. 

Furthermore, keep checking in with them periodically. Let them know what you’re planning. Let them know what changes and shifts are happening in your life so they can walk alongside you. Finally, show them some love. Let them know that you appreciate them and that you’re grateful for all that they do for you and in your life. 

I hope that this has been helpful. Thanks for stopping by and for supporting CaPeesh Consulting. Take care and salamat po.