It’s February - the month we celebrate love, the Lunar New Year, and my birthday   (yes, 25, again)!  Birthdays, much like the new year, are times for reflection and renewal because we’re reminded of the brevity of time.  We look at what truly matters, and can see a little bit clearer. 

Here’s a secret: I don’t just celebrate my birthday; I celebrate the entire month.  I love celebrating all month long because it reinforces the importance of intentionally asking ‘What do I need to feel whole?’   

That simple question often inspires me to some type of action that I would typically ignore. For example, one year I took up ballroom dancing and black and white photography. I wasn’t so great at the latter, but it was worth a try and fed my need for creativity.  In recent years, I started celebrating those closest to me and raising money for causes near and dear to my heart.

“We need to remind our self of our humanness and what we love.”

This year was a little different; I got a haircut and went to the dentist. Those are simple things but restorative nonetheless. In the haste of life, we need to remind ourselves of our humanness and what we love. That’s the real gift—being able to come home to oneself. When things are crazy and the circus is happening in life, I need strategies to feel grounded. 

As a business owner, coach to many leaders, and busy mom, I hear one consistent message from everyone: “I’ve hit the pandemic wall, and I’m tired.” So here is my invitation: Let’s all pretend it’s our birthday month, and ask ourselves that crucial question: What do I need to feel whole? See what arises and give yourself permission to do and be. 

It’s that simple. 

Whether that means spending a day at the beach, hiking or walking a trail, practicing your golf swing, cleaning out your closet, or something else - just do it with no apology.  It doesn’t have to be your birthday to acknowledge your humanness and live your values. When you take care of yourself, others will follow.

If this message resonates with you, send me an email, and let me know that you’re doing to take good care of you.  If this is a message someone else needs to hear, please forward it to them. Salamat po!