Happy May! It has been a while since I’ve made a blog post, and the truth is that life has been happening. I’ve given myself permission to take a break, and I hope you do the same for yourself. Today I want to highlight two of my all-time favorite clients and friends, Charlene and Rustan Tongg of Keller Williams. They’ve been working with me since February of 2020, so I figured they would be the perfect people to ask about their experience so far.

What has been the greatest evidence of growth within your team? 

We’ve noticed people are more vulnerable. Because of that, they feel comfortable trying things, making mistakes, and owning up to their responsibilities. This has improved our teamwork, which is fantastic because we no longer have to create solutions for everyone; they make solutions for themselves. Also, based on private conversations with team members, it seems like this new attitude is showing up in their personal lives, which has been great for their families and households. 

“We don’t have to create solutions for everyone, they make solutions for themselves.”

What excites you most about the team coaching experience?

The more people develop, the more excited we get. We see people grow not just as employees but as people. The type of conversations that take place within the team wouldn’t be possible if people didn’t feel like they were in a safe place. 

How has the culture shifted since we began our coaching relationship? 

The culture has been completely transformed. We’ve worked with coaches in the past, and we’ve never seen something like this. We attribute a lot of the shift to the concepts that have been introduced and, of course, Charletta. 

We’d like to thank Charlene and Rustan for their trust and partnership. If you have questions about today’s topic or what we can do for you, please call or email us. We are always willing to help!