Last week, I was inspired by a quote of Jim Rohn’s that suggests, “Success leaves clues.” That means if we listen closely and observe carefully, there’s guidance waiting to lead us to where our hearts are calling.

I’m joined today by my business and life partner, Tim, to share some insight into how he transitioned from the military to a real estate start up in the paradise of Hawaii. As a coach, I know there are many out there contemplating or are in a career transition.  I hope this conversation helps you with a clue or two to move forward wherever you are in your process. 

After 26+ years serving our country, Tim knew he wanted something different from the military. Staying connected to that world wouldn’t afford him the opportunity. 

Did he have fears? Of course. He feared the unknown, failure, and disappointing his family, just to name a few. 

“Learning how to be OK with mistakes is an important lesson.”

The first step Tim took in navigating his new future was clarifying what motivates him.  One thing that was important was having autonomy and an unlimited earning potential. He found both of those opportunities in real estate, and he’s now in his fourth year in business.  Tim says, “It’s vulnerable, liberating and fulfilling to be in the driver’s seat of setting limits to your own success.”

Surprises? Of course!  In business, there are always a few waiting to be discovered.  Tim shared, “To be successful in any business, you really have to hone in on your networking skills, nurture relationships, and build a rock-solid team.”  Among the many lessons, a big one is to get family buy-in before starting the business.  Afterall, starting a business is like having a baby - it’s hard doing it alone.  Equally important is learning to be OK with making mistakes. 

Other Ah Ha’s: 

  • Don’t fall for the comparison trap.  It’s so easy to get caught up in measuring your success based on what others are doing.  Just run your own race.  
  • Intimately know your “why”.  It will keep you grounded when things get weird and complex.  
  • Never stop improving on effective communication. As long as you’re serving people, communication is essential. 

Thanks to Tim for sharing his story. If you’re in the market to buy, sell, or rent a home in Hawaii, I happen to know a great Realtor who would love to either help or refer you!

Please keep practicing your brave skills, screwing up and practicing some more!