“Why am I chronically busy, and how do I stop it?” I get asked this question quite a bit, and am intimately familiar with this problem. The need to be busy is one of the biggest lies that we can tell ourselves to feel a sense of fulfillment. In actuality, being chronically busy is an indicator of hidden fears as well as scarcity mindset. What is scarcity, exactly? 

Scarcity mindset is learned and it has a voice. It tells us that we’re not enough and don’t have enough.  In response, we start psyching ourselves into a highly reactionary threat mode. If we had to personalize scarcity, he’s a slickster that aims to push you into FOMO overdrive.  Here are a few examples of what “busy” might look like as a result of scarcity: 

You take on a project that you have no business taking on simply because you believe that no one can do it better than you. You add one more webinar to your calendar, join another book club, say yes to hosting another Tupperware party, or keep checking social media in hopes that something important will pop up for you to take action. Does any of that sound familiar to you? If the answer is yes—no shame intended. Now that we know what scarcity looks like, what do you suppose is its opposite?

“If we had to personalize scarcity, he’s a slickster that aims to push you into FOMO overdrive.”

Nope, not abundance. The true opposite of scarcity is enough. The good news is, you can get off the busy train and create new neural pathways to better habits and better thinking.

Here are four suggestions for how to get started: 

1. Meditate or pray before starting your day. 
2. Affirm daily that you have enough and are enough. 
3. Before adding to your calendar, ask yourself, “Is this task serving my higher purpose or my ego?”
4. Find at least three things to be grateful for each day. 

Here’s a bonus tip: Evaluate the company you keep. We model the behavior and habits of those with whom we spend most of our time.

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught me, it’s that tomorrow is never promised, and “busy” does not equal success. I hope you found these tips to be helpful. If you like what you heard and want to hear more, please subscribe to the CaPeesh channel!  If you have a story to share regarding this topic, reach out to me – I love hearing from you!