Learn the 5 stages of adult development that lead to true maturity.

You might not believe it, but we’re more than halfway done with 2022. Time has flown by this year, and you may have reached some important milestones or anniversaries. However, maturity can’t really be measured by a number. Then the question becomes: how mature are you?

According to former Havard psychologist Robert Kegan, “Becoming an adult isn’t just about learning new things.” In reality, maturing happens in five basic steps:

1. The impulsive mind. This describes a stage like early childhood. We do what we want when we want, with no regard for other people.

2. The imperial mind. We’re more transactional in our relationships. We can cooperate with others, but we leave as soon as we don’t get what we want.

“Maturity can’t be measured by a number. ”

3. The socialized mind. We are no longer purely transactional; instead, we grab onto norms, beliefs, and culture. About 58% of the adult population remains in this place.

4. The self-authoring mind. We can define ourselves as individuals within the larger culture.

5. The transforming mind. We don’t get stuck in ideals and are no longer slaves to our identities.

If you want to reach a transformed mind, I can help you examine how you’re disciplined. What are you doing now to grow your self-control, discipline, and maturity?

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