If you’re a coaching client of mine, past or present, you’ve probably heard me mention the word ‘curiosity’ dozens, if not hundreds, of times. The reason is that curiosity is a kind of superpower –that’s accessible to everyone. Management consultant, Peter Drucker, says that we should strive to be ‘intelligently curious.’

Curiosity is generative and can be applied in strategy, innovation, and relationships. Think about it: Strategy is nothing but a best guess put to action.  We have to experiment with different combinations to see what works. We can take note of how innovation multiplies assets through examples like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb.    

In relationships, curiosity is a must-have. This isn’t science but I’ve been married to my husband and best friend for over 28 years; if we stopped getting curious about each other, things would get boring fast. 

“Strategy is nothing but a best guess put to action.”

If you were someone who used to be curious only to have people you loved or society, in general, shoot your ideas down or reward you for being a ‘knower’, here’s an opportunity for you.

A few of my friends at Keller Williams Honolulu shared a few tips on how we can grow our curiosity:

  1. Ask more questions without expecting you already know the answer.  
  2. Don’t let the past dictate the future.
  3. Make friends with people who aren’t like you or share the same ideas.
  4. Listen to others’ stories without attaching your own stories to them.

The list of tips are endless, but this is a good start to upskill and start seeing real benefits in business and in life.  Don’t forget to keep practicing your curiosity and courage, and give yourself permission to screw up…and keep practicing some more!

Send me a message and let me know how you or your team foster’s curiosity.  I’d love to hear from you. Aloha, and salamat po!