In my coaching practice and personal life, I see a really bad trap that derails success – unhealthy comparison. Comparison is a natural mental function and a part of our survival. We’re able to look at something and then compare and contrast to see differences or similarities. The problem is that when we get hooked by unhealthy comparisons in a social context, we start to tie it or link it with our identity and self-worth.

“Remember this: comparison is the ego’s playground.”

If you are making a difference in the world, challenging the status quo, and daring to do different things, I assure you that you are at risk of falling into the trap of comparison. When you do, you often ask yourself, “How does this apply to me?” A very common example of that is when we’re on our social media feeds, and we’re scrolling away and watching people live their best lives. Our mind doesn’t know any difference and constantly asks itself these questions: “How does this relate to me?” “Do I have that, or do I measure up?” 

It’s time to get serious about this because it’s not just happening to you. It’s happening to at least most of us, if not all of us. Remember this: comparison is the ego’s playground. The next time that you feel that tinge of envy, jealousy, or that knot in your stomach that causes you to question if you’re worthy or have enough, say these words out loud: I am enough. 

Every time you find yourself in the mode of unhealthy comparison, tell yourself those words out loud, then begin to believe them. All in all, and heart to heart, I just want to say you aren’t alone, and you are enough. If this resonates with you, feel free to drop a comment below or send me an email message. I’d love to hear from you.