Boost your conversation-readiness by using these 5 prompts.

For many people, the end of the year is a time for renewal and rejuvenation. Having important conversations may lead you to feeling refreshed for 2023.

If you participated in “think week,” now is the time to put some of that thought into action. Here is an opportunity to boost your conversation readiness by using these powerful questions:

1. What conversations do I need to have? With yourself, with those that you love, and those that you support—what are the conversations to have with them to get through the next season with success?

2. What barriers can get in the way? What can prevent you from having these conversations?

3. What are the consequences? What happens if you don’t have those conversations?

4. What are the possibilities? What could come about from having these conversations?

5. How can I show up authentically? What permissions do you need to give yourself?

These are just a few powerful questions for you to self-coach using the wisdom you gained from “think week.” They will help you prepare for the upcoming year and celebrate the wonderful things that you’ve done.

Put these questions into practice, and see what they yield for you in the season to come!

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